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Project / Completed

The American Oak console built as a reminder of everyday-objects

Sergio Rodríguez Casado

The Space

The idea behind this project was to create something to remind us of the everyday-objects we tend to forget.


Every time we leave the house, we can spin them, an while we wait for them to stop spinning, we can go through in our heads if we have everything we need to spend the day out of the house. We can also entertain ourselves by spinning them while we wait for the person who is always the last one to get ready, or let our children play with them while we tie their shoe laces.

From the beginning, the spinning tops were the protagonists, originally accompanied by three dishes on which they danced.

Its design is based on a circle in revolution that is sectioned by different lines, seeking harmony in the proportions.

Thanks to the support of Izaskun Chinchilla as mentor, the project evolved acquiring conceptual depth, the original plate gave rise to the console table, on which we can interact with the dancers creating games and rituals, leaving on it our every-day-objects and with them the rush and concerns.

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