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Project / Completed 2020

Double Void House by Kitty Lee Architecture

/ By Kitty Lee Architecture
Vestings LED Hardwax oil
Renotech Building (Builder) & Navan Sydney (Joiner)

The Space

Completely reimagined, this three-bedroom home conceptualises modern design using natural light, warm timber and grey tones.


“Along the southern side of the house, two voids pierce through the building to pour natural light from the skylights above into the darkest parts of the house.”

The Double Void house is a three-bedroom renovation which features two voids that pour natural light into the darkest parts of the house. It’s open plan living area is complete with blonde timber joinery, pale grey cabinetry and dark accents within the tiling and lighting.

Designed by Kitty Lee Architecture, The Double Void house is everything you’d want in a family home. Kitty Lee Architecture is a design practice that aims to enrich the lives of the people who occupy their spaces. “It’s not about making an architectural statement or trying to appeal to all. Our process is a collaborative one but at the same time, we feel responsible for challenging our client’s expectations and pushing them beyond what they would have envisaged for themselves”.

The palette is complimentary to the brief – modest and functional. Classic materials of bright whites, cool greys and warm timber tones were used to meet not only the requirements of the clients but to also add conventional beauty throughout the space.

A number of ASH products can be seen throughout the design, including Australian Oak engineered flooring, GoodWood Victorian ash veneers, a GoodWood kitchen island and feature GoodWood bulkhead, used to create a visual separation from the existing living room.

GoodWood Victorian ash is the ultimate in versatility. Specifiers can confidently match GoodWood products like joinery, veneers, furniture, windows, doors, lining and flooring and know that the timber will be consistent. The reason is because we manufacture our GoodWood in such a way that we’re able to ensure quality control. Learn more about GoodWood here.

Australian Oak engineered flooring is an Australian grown and coated product. The wear layer uses GoodWood Victorian ash to easily match to other GoodWood applications and can be customised to the specifications of your liking. Learn more about Australian Oak here.


“Australian Oak floorboards and GoodWood Victorian ash were selected due to the natural beauty and versatility of the locally sourced species. This allowed us to maintain visual consistency in the timber used throughout the home where a natural finish on the Victorian ash joinery is complemented by the more subdued Cotton White engineered floorboards. Together, these timber elements add warmth to the project’s timeless palette of materials.”

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