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GoodWood at Gould Apartment

/ By Ian Moore Architects
Ross Honeysett
Ian Moore Architects

The biggest (and arguably the best) apartment in the popular 2 Kings Lane project is the impressive Gould Apartment -boasting amazing views of Sydney’s skyline. Ian Moore Architects created an open, contemporary space using timber and clever interior design.

Ian Moore Architects are an architectural firm established in 1990. ‘The practice has won numerous national and international awards and has been exhibited in Australia and around the world, including Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Munich, Berlin, Vicenza, Barcelona and Buenos Aires’.

The Gould Apartment is a stellar example of how timber can create lightness and warmth. “Both the timber floors and all of the joinery veneers are Victorian Ash, with a Synteko oil finish” as mentioned by Ian, founder of Ian Moore Architects.

“We love this project because it showcases the versatility of GoodWood Victorian ash. A trend we’re constantly seeing is for architects to match timber throughout a space to create a continuous flow of design” as stated by Megan Para, Marketing Coordinator at ASH.

So why specify GoodWood Victorian ash and not just ‘Victorian Ash’? By using the GoodWood name, it means you’ll get consistent, good quality, blonde Victorian Ash timber from the one mill. ASH prides itself in being a large manufacturing facility where you have the ability to specify it all from the one place. For more information about our GoodWood products, visit the webpage here.

Architect – Ian Moore Architects

Photographer – Ross Honeysett

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