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Project / Completed 2020

GoodWood Battens Line The Hannah and Daryl Cohen Family Building

/ By smith+tracey architects
Clear oil and custom coating

The Space

This building is an excellent example of how utilising Biophilic Design can provide long-lasting health benefits for the occupants within.


“GoodWood Victorian ash hardwood was the perfect sustainable option to create a warm and inviting space, combine that with the Scultpform batten system and you get a timber sanctuary for the Jewish Community”

The Hannah and Daryl Cohen Family Building is the embodiment of modern design within the health sector. By using the very concept of Biophilic Design, Smith + Tracey Architects have created a nature-connected space aimed at improving the lives within.

Completed in 2020, aged care provider Jewish Care added to the existing site to provide a hub for Melbourne’s Jewish Community. The team from Smith + Tracey Architects were the perfect fit for a project of this stature with its philosophy ‘to create an architectural practice recognised for its design of community and its sense of longevity’.

The new building uses battens in a curved design to create fluidity and depth to the walls and ceiling. The design was influenced by the concept of Biophilic Design – increasing occupant connectivity to the environment through the use of natural elements and materials. GoodWood Victorian ash being the perfect material for just that.

What makes GoodWood Victorian ash so sustainable? 100% is sourced from regrowth forests, combine that with its outstanding carbon sequestration, life cycle analysis, harvesting and regeneration and you get one of the most eco-friendly building materials available. Learn more about the sustainable benefits of GoodWood Victorian ash here.


“By using organic-looking curves, natural lighting and [GoodWood] Victorian ash timber Click-on Battens throughout the project, the building becomes an outstanding example of how Biophilic design can provide benefits beyond what is aesthetically pleasing”

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