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GoodWood in Sofia & Otto’s Playground

/ By Gaetano Palmese Architects
Brett Boardman
Gaetano Palmese Architects
James Heyward of Thylacine

Farmhouse meets modern wonderland.

The masterminds behind the amazing Sofia and Otto’s Playground is the great Gaetano Palmese Architects. This project oozes history as the house was originally known as Blink Bonney, dating back to the 1850’s.

The name ‘Sofia and Otto’s’ Playground was inspired from a huge backyard for the children to play in. Gaetano Palmese Architects worked closely with the clients to create a harmony of materials which produced a comfortable setting for this family.

The Eucalyptus hardwood species, also known as Victorian ash was used for the window frames, timber floors and joinery. Against the black painted cladding, the blonde from the Victorian Ash adds a pop of colour which brightens the entire home.

Not only is the spectacular home loved by its owners, it has also won the Residential Alteration and Additions Award in the Tasmanian Architecture Awards and Residential Class 2, Alteration or Addition winners in the 2016 Australian Timber Design Awards.

GoodWood Victorian ash is available in various DAR sizes, wood and door profiles, flooring profiles and more, to view the entire range click here.

Architects – Gaetano Palmese Architects

Builders – James Heyward of Thylacine

Photographer – Brett Boardman

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