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GoodWood Victorian ash – a favourite of Philip Stejskal Architecture

/ By Philip Stejskal Architecture
Bo Wong
Philip Stejskal Architecture
RK Brine Master Builder

The Space

Calais Road – the not so ‘suburban’ house in one of Perth’s leafy suburbs. Its beautiful green garden being the primary focus when conceptualising the design, as it was the sole link between the past home and the present structure.


“The west-facing block has openings strategically located to manage privacy, sun and outlook”

Local Western Australian firm, Philip Stejskal Architecture(PSA), designed this heavenly double storey house. PSA are a ‘small yet versatile team with studios in Fremantle and Melbourne’. Their portfolio consists of mostly residential work, although with previous experience spanning across commercial and institutional sectors.

This Wembley Downs property was designed with privacy in mind. The palette consists of limestone, timber, bold yellow and subdued grey.

GOODWOOD Victorian ash was the timber of choice for the battens, used as an architectural accent and as screening between the foyer and the lounge/dining area. Victorian ash is the ultimate option for an interior timber. It is a beautiful species that is dense, versatile, available in vast quantities and sustainably managed. GOODWOOD represents a promise to supply environmentally sustainable and socially responsible timber that is high in quality, straight and stable.

Read more about GOODWOOD here or find out how you can match it with any number of our products including IRON ASH (treated GOODWOOD suitable for the outdoors).


“Victorian ash was chosen to compliment the muted colours of materials, including limestone. The subtle warmth of the hardwood gave a softness to an otherwise hard palette of materials”

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