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Hardwood Featured in Steffen Welsch project

/ By Steffen Welsch Architects
Shannon McGrath
Steffen Welsch Architects
Lee Gordon, John Brock

The concept behind ‘House in House’ was for it to be an uneasy fit between its predominantly Federation-style neighbours. It is this idea that won Steffen Welsch Architects the Houses Award for House in a Heritage Context for the project.

Steffen Welsch Architects’design philosophy is to create architecture of ‘light, balance and beauty, designing for comfort, affordability and longevity.’ Their buildings achieve high energy ratings and have been showcased as positive examples of environmentally sustainable architecture.

House in House contains five distinct pavilions or houses and three courtyards. Each individual ‘house’ is linked through a main axis, while the courtyards draw in natural light and ventilation.

Steffen Welsch Architects chose hardwood for the joinery and timber feature walls. Using blonde hardwoods, like Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash, adds warmth and character. The architects also cleverly used long timber battens to add vertical dimension to the courtyards; the material selection helps interconnect the courtyards and pavilions.

Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash come from E. Delegantensis and E. Regnans. While there are some minor differences between the species, there are a remarkable number of similarities which makes them readily interchangeable. For more information regarding Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash, visit the webpage here.

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Architects – Steffen Welsch Architects

Builder – Lee Gordon

Engineer – John Brock

Photography – Shannon McGrath

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