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IronAsh & Recycled Brick, a match made in heaven.

Jay Saya
Orbis Constructions

The Space

The Winton is yet another stylish, impeccably-constructed home by Orbis Constructions. Its inspired design and sustainably conscious efforts makes for the perfect modern home.


“Having considered both performance and materiality factors, The Winton was designed with a green conscience. Reclaimed bricks provided such an interesting personality to the build, so it was important that the soft character of a natural timber species delivered the contrasting features”

This isn’t the first time Orbis Constructions have caught our eye with their professional craftsmanship and personal style, and I doubt it will be the last. ‘We live and breathe building, design and innovations and we love to challenge the norm in our industry; it’s what gets us up in morning and what we think about at night’.

With years of experience under their belt, Orbis Constructions found the ideal location to develop a sustainably conscious home.

The timber product Joel and his team chose to compliment the brick was our IronAsh cladding. The exterior cladding market is inundated with numerous options, so what made Joel choose IronAsh in the first place?

For its versatility and durability. Due to Victorian ash’s natural blonde tones, IronAsh has the flexibility to grey off or to be stained to meet any design needs. IRON ASH is the combination of our trusted GoodWood Victorian ash and unique water-based additives to give you a H3 treated exterior timber. Head to to find out more about IronAsh.


“The shiplap feature timber had to maintain the performance features that would allow it to grey-off naturally without the introduction of artificial tints or sealers that would otherwise compromise the design ethos”

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