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Local College Celebrates Victorian ash gulam beams

/ By Kneeler Design Architects
Kneeler Design Architects
TS Constructions

When asked to redevelop a huge campus to cater for 600 students… what would you do? Utilise the structural and architectural benefits of glulam beams.

Yes, and that’s exactly what Kneeler Design Architects (KDA) did with help from VicBeam. The 2014 brief was for Leongatha Secondary College to represent its surroundings -luckily the school was located at the foot of the Strzelecki Ranges which provided plenty of inspiration.

KDA’s main focus is to provide clients with quality design – this is achieved through their longstanding experience and confidence in exploring new possibilities. The KDA team comprises of ‘architects, building practitioners and interior designers who all feel responsible for and passionate about the quality of their projects’.

Innovators in this industry are those who seek out new ways to build and design, and this why we see more and more architects incorporating mass timber beams. What makes glulam unique is the fact that it can be used as both a structural component and a finished product to add beauty and warmth to a design.

VicBeam, glulam partners with ASH, contribute their knowledge and Victorian ash beams to many projects across Australia, including Marist College and Newhaven College. It came at no surprise that KDA used VicBeam to supply the glulam beams – which were made’with full fabrication to allow the builder to crane the beams into position with minimal fuss’.

VicBeam use our SUPA17 timber for their Victorian ash glulam beams due to its structural capabilities,straightness and quality. SUPA17 are solid pieces of Victorian Ash that are rated to SUPA17 strength rating. To find out more information about our structural timber range, visit the webpage here.

Architect – Kneeler Design Architects

Builder – TS Constructions

Glulam Beams – VicBeam

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