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Support Your Local – Australian Oak in Traralgon home

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SurfaceCo (installer)

Local support fuels local economy. ASH supplier and Traralgon resident Hayden Stratford is a firm believer in this and is the reason why he wanted to use community businesses when building his new home.

Hayden often saw our new Australian Oak engineered flooring when visiting the mill and through various social media channels. With the help of his local flooring installer SurfaceCo, Hayden arranged for Australian Oak to be the feature in his family home. Hayden mentioned “My family and I love our Australian Oak flooring! It is easy to clean, durable and fits in perfectly with our decor”.

SurfaceCo is a Gippsland based flooring installer withover 13 years experience laying timber, carpet and vinyl floors. Gary Grimes from SurfaceCo explains “I installed roughly 100m of Australian Oak in Hayden’s newly built home. It is always good to work with a product that installs easily, makes my job easier and looks fantastic – Australian Oak ticked all the boxes”.

It was important to both Hayden and SurfaceCo to use products from around the Gippsland region. “I take a lot of pride in my work and I am passionate in what I do. I thoroughly enjoyed installing Australian Oak, especially knowing it came out of a local timber mill. I would easily install this product any day of the week!” as emphasised by Gary, owner of SurfaceCo.

Australian Oak is your answer to a stunning, affordable engineered flooring. It is the combination of a beautiful hardwood floor, a hard wearing coating and a super stable substrate. To find out the many benefits of Australian Oak, click here.

Flooring Installation – SurfaceCo

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Photography – DJWTV

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