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/ By Nest Architects, Esther Stewart (stylist)
Lauren Bamford
Nest Architects, Esther Stewart (stylist)

The 2 in 1 House – designed to coincide with its heritage history but with a modern touch. The house is a clever mix of timber, bright white walls and modest furniture.

At the helm of this residential design is the talented team from Nest Architects. ‘Nest Architects is an architectural design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. The studio is committed to creating architecture, interiors, furniture and design projects that start from ‘first principles’ and end at a place where both the client and architect can be proud’ as stated by Nest.

The 2 in 1 House is a small, intimate and functionally built space for the family who occupies it. Nest Architects explain “being a family with two little girls all the spaces have been designed to be fluid and expansive, with each sliding door disappearing to create an open space yet providing the option for closing down each room to create private nooks – for when that solitude is necessary”.

In theme with the house, Nest Architects decided on solid Victorian Ash flooring for the majority of the space and concrete flooring for the kitchen area. Using Victorian Ash is a sustainable choice that aligns with Nest Architects’ sustainability philosophy, which states ‘creating a sustainable project is so much more than simply specifying double glazing and solar PV panels… its knowing how to make a truly sustainable house without compromise… this includes incorporating sustainable, renewable and recycled materials’.

What makes GoodWood Victorian ash sustainable? It’s sourced from regrowth forests and is 100% regrown. 100% of each log we receive is used. 50% of the weight of kiln-dried Victorian ash is stored carbon. And that’s only the start of it… to find out the other reasons why, visit

Or to get this look, click here and view our profiles and sizes for Victorian ash flooring.

Architects – Nest Architects

Styling – Esther Stewart

Photographer – Lauren Bamford

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