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Top To Bottom Vic ash at 2 Kings Lane

/ By Ian Moore Architects
Synteko oil finish
Ross Honeysett
Ian Moore Architects
Multiplex Living

2 Kings Lane is as unique as they come, having been built on the rooftop of 2 existing commercial buildings. Ian Moore Architects were given the interesting task of separating the residential from the commercial development, and did it seamlessly as we might add.

Ian Moore Architects is ‘a multi-disciplinary practice established in 1990. The practice has won numerous national and international awards and has been exhibited in Australia and around the world, including Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Munich, Berlin, Vicenza, Barcelona and Buenos Aires’.

Located in the popular suburb of Darlinghurst, Sydney, 2 Kings Lane boasts luxury within a contemporary design. Ian Moore explains “All of the apartments are 2 storeys in height… with the three bedroom apartments having a double height volume, permitting maximum penetration of winter sunlight and significant views of the city skyline”.

GoodWood Victorian ash was the standout choice for this inner city building. “Both the timber floors and all the joinery veneers throughout the apartments are Victorian ash, with a Synteko oil finish” as clarified by Ian Moore.

GoodWood Victorian ash means you can specify Victorian Ash and know that you’ll get consistent, good quality timber every time. Match GoodWood in your next project by ordering a sample today.

Architect – Ian Moore Architects

Developer – Multiplex Living

Photographer – Ross Honeysett

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