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Cahill Building Group

In the heart of Mornington lies a stylish and modern two-story residence. Built by Cahill Building Group, this luxury home boasts sophisticated and sleek design.

Cahill Building Group are known in Melbourne for producing quality new homes and modern unit developments. Formed in 2011, Cahill Building Group pride themselves on ‘honesty, reliability and quality workmanship’. Not only this, but the Cahill Building Group are Master Building Green Living accredited, which means they’re equipped with the knowledge to achieve a client’s environmental criteria.

The aim for this Mornington home was to capture the lifestyle of the area and doing so by “utilizing glass and timber for effect while acknowledging the desire for low maintenance living” as explained by Jonathon Cahill.

The use of eye-catching reclaimed brick and a timber clad facade adds to the luxurious finishes, oak flooring and Victorian Ash staircase inside.

Alongside Cahill Building Group, Bayside Stairs built this contemporary staircase, with the aim to utilise a quality material to reflect the high standard throughout the rest of the space. GOODWOOD laminated stair treads, battens and balustrade were all used to give this feature a consistent, superior look.

GoodWood Victorian Ash is often used as a stair material because of its straightness, colour consistency and versatility (easy to stain). Learn more about GoodWood here.

Builder – Cahill Building Group

Stairs – Bayside Stairs

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