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Project / Completed 2021

Victorian ash throughout the Hawthorne Siblings

/ By Refresh Design
Ciranova Titan Hardwax Oil

The Space

A set of beautiful yet functional homes that explore a connection with the inner-city Brisbane landscape through the use of clean lines, robust finishes and a Victorian ash timber palette.

Refresh Design

“Located on a 600m2 corner block in Brisbane’s inner Northeast, the project is a direct attempt to address and fill the missing middle gap in the cities housing market.”

The Hawthorne Siblings are a set of compact dwellings located in the inner city of Brisbane. The modern homes highlight a new, innovative way to design that responds to urban density through updated town-planning policies and clever architecture. With an emphasis on connecting with the outdoor landscape and streetscape, a combination of rich textures, natural light and an open living space quite literally ‘invites the outside in’.

REFRESH* (R*) is a Brisbane-based architectural design studio that work across a variety of houses and renovations, townhouses and apartments, commercial and hospitality projects. With experience in both Australian and European architecture, the team at R* are ‘inspired by how architecture can shape a better society by enhancing the human experience’.

The build combines the use of polished concrete, monochrome detailing and a variety of Victorian ash timber finishes. Each triple storey home showcases a GoodWood Victorian ash staircase coated with a Ciranova Titan Hardwax oil (matt finish) that leads to a secluded rooftop terrace. Available in a large range of quality staircase components, GoodWood Victorian ash is a popular choice for staircases due to its straightness, colour consistency and versatility. Click here to explore the capabilities of GoodWood.

To match with the stairs, Australian Oak engineered flooring was used for the floors, kitchen bulkhead and wall, highlighting the adaptability of the product. The creative use of our engineered flooring makes for a unique and eye-catching design. Australian Oak is our range of engineered flooring made with a 4mm Victorian ash wear layer which can easily match to other GoodWood applications and can be customised to your liking. With our Australian Oak range, you have the ability to choose a pre-coated flooring option using a Vestings LED hardwax oil that makes for a beautiful and durable engineered timber floor. Learn more about Australian Oak here.

Refresh Design

“Victorian Ash was used as is it an Australian species hardwood. The light colours, softness, warmth and consistency complimented the projects restrained palette exceptionally well. We knew the timber and flooring was going to be straight, easy to cut, stain and build with allowing the carpenters to execute the precise detailing we expect of our architecture.”

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