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Worlds First Carbon Positive Pre-Fab House

“Move over, carbon neutral ArchiBlox have developed the Worlds First Carbon Positive Prefabricated House” say Victorian based, building and architecture firm – ArchiBlox.

“These homes have moved beyond carbon zero by making additional ‘positive’ or ‘net export’ contributions by producing more energy on site (or through affiliated schemes), than the building requires.


– In-ground Cool Tubes to help with cooling

– Sliding Edible Garden Walls to block sun penetration

– Green Roof for added thermal insulation

– The Buffer Zone “The lungs of the house” & “Food Basket” separates the external environment

– Healthy Materials High Grade sustainable materials (such as GoodWood Victorian Ash windows) and formaldehyde and VOC free

– Airtightness – Airtight building envelope improves sound protection and saves energy

– Hard wired data lines to reduce electromagnetic radiation

A Life Cycle Assessment was carried out on the design, calculating the carbon emissions due to materials manufacture and building operations. The boundary of the assessment includes the building foundations, floors, walls, roof, internal finish, external finish, services and basic fittings. The results measured against a benchmark provides us with a Platinum rating. The total design equates to -37 kgCO2e per year per Occupant. Saving of 101%

Over its life span, it is expected this building will emit 1,165 tCO2e less than average or standard buildings providing the same functionality. This is equivalent to:

  • 6989 native Australian trees planted
  • 307 cars taken off the road
  • 155 zero energy Australian homes for one year
  • 35,000,000 balloons of CO2 gas removed from the atmosphere

The House has been Awarded a Platinum Star for the Life cycle Assessment and the dwellings performance on Greenhouse gas emissions and the overall sustainability features.”

Much more information about the project, materials used, design and effectiveness of this pre-fabricated house can be found on the Archiblox website.

More information about GoodWood Victorian ash can be found on the GoodWood page of our site.

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