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Abbots & Kinney Project

/ By Studio Gram
David Sievers
Studio Gram

Studio Gram has effortlessly featured the warmth and depth of hardwood with the use of intricate joinery and intelligent design. Introducing Abbots & Kinney, the ever so popular cafe cozily located at 78 Pirie Street in Adelaide.

Invited in by the contrast between the harsh flooring and the soft wooden walls and furniture,Abbots & Kinney combines originality, craft and duality, which we can safely say is nothing short of amazing.

It was important to Pastry Chef, Jonny Pisanelli that the design represent his fine craft. The result? Every joinery item, joint and bespoke element truly represent the art and effort that a patisserie chef endures.

Throughout this inspired design, the architects used a simple yet robust palette with the use of hardwood timber, leather, black paint and polished concrete.

The hardwood used by the architects portrays clean lines and a calming texture to an otherwise bustling store.The cleverly designed wood elements draws you to the back of the store and essentially to the register – genius!

Studio Gram explain “A man that brought Venice to California served as the inspiration…all found within a shop that seemingly has split personalities. Our client’s work is simple, yet inspiring, highly detailed and genuine” which has been distinctly achieved in this new space.

If you’re inspired and would like to get this look, we suggest using GoodWood Victorian ash.

Architecture & Interior Design by Studio Gram

Branding by Crafty

Photographer – David Sievers

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