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Project / Completed 2021

Arthur by Oscar Sainsbury Architects

/ By Oscar Sainsbury Architects
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The Space

Arthur – a home concentrated on the outdoors that embraces a warm palette, raw textures and the natural landscape to create a dreamy oasis within Melbourne's inner-city.

oscar sainsbury architects

“The main focus is to connect the home outwardly and fragment the formal planning of the original home and, in the process, create key connections with the surrounding landscape and greenspace.”

Situated in Melbourne’s inner-north, Arthur is a charming addition to an existing double fronted federation house. The inviting home explores a combination of raw textures, open living and natural light to maximise the size and feel of the space. Large windows throughout the kitchen and dining area play an integral part in the design, looking out onto a private yard, drawing light into the internal spaces and encouraging a relationship with the outdoor landscape.

The concept was brought to life by Oscar Sainsbury Architects (OSA), a Melbourne-based architectural practice who pride themselves on creating ‘honest, tactile and beautiful spaces that celebrate the value of everyday life’. Arthur perfectly represents the fundamentals of OSA through the carefully thought-out combination of functionality and beauty.

This alterations and additions project highlights the capabilities of a natural material palette focusing on botanical beauty and a notable warm Victorian ash finish.

GoodWood Victorian ash veneer was specified for the cabinetry throughout the kitchen offering a blonde, consistent linear grain appearance. Choosing our GoodWood veneer means that you are receiving a high quality Victorian ash in an application that allows for greater design versatility while still giving off a natural timber appearance. Explore the possibilities of GoodWood veneer here.

IronAsh structural timber was also used for the pergola and exposed rafters of Arthur. Made from our trusted Victorian ash with an invisible water-based H3 treatment, IronAsh not only compliments the design brief but is also made to match our internal GoodWood range. Click here to learn more about IronAsh.

oscar sainsbury architects

“Victorian Ash was chosen for its ability to be used as a consistent timber across a number of different construction applications, including the structural framing, pergolas, windows and joinery.”

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