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Bel by Ola Architecture Studio

/ By OLA Studio
Internally: Quantum Timber Finishes Microclear
Externally: Fiddes Exterior UV Oil clear satin

The Space

Bel is the combination of industrial design and natural materials, creating the ultimate free standing addition for the teenager within.


“Some of the materials used throughout the project include- cork flooring, large triangular timber windows, old red-recycled brick, Nu-lok ceramic roof system and concealed metal cladding.”

Bel is the amalgamation of industrial materials – red brick, black features and timber detailing, subtly tucked away at the rear of a heritage listed Bluestone residence as a free standing addition. The unique build was aimed to home a growing teenager, and in future a separate residence, a rental property, office building or creative studio. However, what may be smaller in footprint, makes up for in creativity in space and materials.

Designed by Ola Architecture and built by Fieldworks Building, Bel is only 10sqm in floor footprint but from extending over the carriageway easement running through the rear of the title, the multi-purpose room is 29sqm at first floor level. Attuned to Ola Architecture’s philosophy, Bel is a ‘warm and inviting space that connects and contributes positively to its environment’.

Featured throughout the space is a selection of materials complementary to the structure but contrasting the main residence – GoodWood Victorian ash windows, veneers and joinery, cork flooring, red recycled brick and metal cladding. Striking black stairs and soft pink walls act as the perfect backdrop for the Victorian ash timber integrated into every room.

Internally, GoodWood Victorian ash stringers, balustrade, veneers, battens and small joinery features were all coated in the non-yellowing matt Quantum Timber Finishes Microclear. To match in both timber and look, externally the window jambs used Fiddies Exterior US Oil clear stain.

GoodWood Victorian ash was created to make specifying the one timber easy for architects and designers. GoodWood applications can be easily matched throughout an entire project as they are consistently blonde, straight and well graded. Learn more about GoodWood here.


“Our practice ethos is to use local materials if suitable/possible and available from a certified sustainable source. We also look for materials that look great and perform well. Given that criteria, [GoodWood] Victorian ash was the obvious choice.”

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