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Drawing Room Architecture’s organic approach using Victorian ash

/ By Drawing Room Architecture
Drawing Room Architecture
Alphington Builders

In the bustling streets of Thornbury is a house built for a modest family that wanted a warm and organic space. Simple, yet beautiful, the home was not be over the top or showy.

Drawing Room Architecture (DRA) drew inspiration from nature to create a warm and inviting aesthetic. Drawing Room Architecture takes ‘a holistic approach to design projects, working with clients to create master plans all the way down to selecting the furniture’.

The project, St David Street, needed to be open to the courtyard, light and sunny as well as space efficient and very functional. Keeping the modest footprint, the clients wanted to create a beautiful home incorporating the existing Victorian house.

White walls and blonde timber are often a combination used because they work cohesively together, proven time and time again as shown here in St David Street. Using white heroes the beautiful characteristics in timber and promotes a light, bright ambience. Here, Victorian ash was the stand out feature for the flooring, window and door frames, joinery, door pulls and awning.

Nicola Dovey, Director of DRA, adds “Victorian ash suited the home, its setting & the aesthetic of the family. My preference was Victorian ash because of its fine grain and natural subtle tones. No strong browns, pinks or yellows”.

GoodWood Victorian ash offers what many other timbers can’t – consistency in grain and colour. GoodWood follows a unique straight line process to ensure a quality product every time. Find out more about GoodWood here.

Architect – Drawing Room Architecture

Builder – Alphington Builders

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