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Project / Completed 2021

Franklin by OLA Studio

/ By Ola Studio
Quantum Quantec

The Space

Franklin – a peaceful beachside inspired home designed with family in mind.


“The brief asked for a ‘Japanese inspired fuzzy white cocoon’ that is private, peaceful, fresh and organic. A tranquil place to live, work, gather and play.”

Designed by Ola Studio, Franklin is a remarkable four-bedroom residence that incorporates various shades and textures of white. Ola Studio prides themselves on creating warm, inviting spaces by collaborating and establishing strong relationships with their clients. With tranquillity at the forefront of the design, Franklin makes use of a natural palette that compliments its environment – consisting of sandy driveways, dense shrubbery and the Portsea bay.

The soft colour selection flows throughout the build which is accompanied by timber lining and unique tiling patterns adding character to the space. Ola Studio explains that Franklin is designed to be “something that can work with the shifting numbers of occupants and still provide a sense of calm” making this the perfect retreat for any family, large or small.

For those passing through Franklin Road, the top of the build can be seen peeking over the coastal shrubbery offering onlookers a sneak peak of the IronAsh façade.

IronAsh shiplap cladding and battens were used for the exterior of Franklin. Made from our trusted GoodWood Victorian ash with an invisible water-based H3 treatment, IronAsh not only compliments the design brief but is also chosen due to its versatility and durability. Explore the ways you can incorporate IronAsh into your next design here.


“We endeavour to specify locally and responsibly sourced building materials when possible and of course they need to look great as well. The Victorian ash products from ASH meet that criteria with aplomb”

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