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Glulam timber beams used in the LaTrobe Regional Gallery

Benjamin Hosking

The Space

In the heart of the LaTrobe Valley stands one of the largest public galleries in Eastern Victoria, the LaTrobe Regional Gallery (LRG). The LRG was established in 1971 and has 7 amazing gallery spaces to house incredible regional and national exhibitions.

Latrobe Valley Authority

“The project will enhance the experience for visitors and bring the gallery in line with contemporary museum standards, which will enable it to host exhibitions and loan artworks, from galleries and museums across the world”

Earlier this year, the LaTrobe City Councilbegun the $1.5M refurbishment of the gallery which included upgrades to the facade, foyer and entrance, enhanced light and improved accessibility. Architecture and Urban Design firm NAAU won a competition to design the refurbishment. Their goal was to strip it back and celebrate the refreshed exiting facade. NAAU is an emerging practice that specializes in the design and delivery of urban architecture. Their firm ‘seeks to develop innovative solutions to the challenges of building in cities and urban environments’. This ethos is well represented in the waffle ceiling and expression of innovative glulam members upon entry.

GoodWood Victorian ash glulam was chosen as the material for the reception desk and AlpineOak was used for the ceiling to floor shelving. What makes the reception desk not only unique, but innovative is the use of 285 x 285 massglulam beams made from our strong and aesthetically attractive GoodWood Victorian ash. This combines the best of a high strength structural product with the aesthetic appeal of Australia’s favourite joinery timber.

ASH have been producing glulam products for over 20 years, so it comes as no surprise that the project team looked to ASH for a local, experienced option. Glulam beams made from GoodWood Victorian ash or SUPASPAN F17 give you all the benefits you would expect from this proven structural timber.

But most importantly, they are strong – Australian hardwoods are some of the strongest in the world, for both as solid and as glue laminated members. It’s true that these beams have only been used as a decorative feature but they are stronger, denser and stiffer than the mass timber beams being used to construct Australia’s largest timber buildings.

To find out how ASH can be the solution for your next glulam project, call one of the sales team on 03 5139 7070.

For more information about GoodWood Victorian Ash, click here. If you love the floor to ceiling shelves, visit the benchtops webpage to see how you can utilise this timber! For more information on glulam beams & laminated timber and how ASH can be the solution for your next glulam project, visit this page.

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