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GoodWood Battens line the Cirqua Apartments

/ By BKK Architects, John Patrick Landscape
Peter Bennetts (external) & Shannon McGrath (internal)
BKK Architects, John Patrick Landscape
Aspekt Construction Group, Kersulting, Group II

A major shift in the property market played a vital role in this multi-residential project. Grand, modern and design focused – the Cirqua Apartments service those who are owner-occupiers wanting a forever home.

BKK Architects not only recognised this change in the apartment market, they also adapted to it by developing homes for those living the city lifestyle. This leading architectural firm was launched in 2000 and has grown from a team of 4 to a thriving firm of 20. Their focus is on ‘ideas, design thinking and delivering complete solutions’. BKK Architects’ point of difference is their energetic, multi-faced culture, which drives from ‘the desire for intellectual challenge and problem solving’.

The Cirqua Apartments were built as a collaborative effort by BKK Architects, Aspekt Contruction Group, Kersulting and John Patrick Landscape. The apartment block was designed to “carefully consider accessibility and passive environmental performance will all bedrooms and living areas having direct access to natural light and ventilation” as explained by BKK Architects.

To compliment the neutral, classic palette of the apartment, BKK utilised GOODWOOD Victorian Ash for the timber battens. BKK further explains “the use of Victorian Ash timber throughout common corridors adds warmth and softness against the robustness of the building exterior”.

With a commitment to sustainability, this project boasts a strong ‘sense of place’. GOODWOOD Victorian Ash was the perfect choice because it is a renewable resource that adds a natural element to the design.To find out more about the versatility of GOODWOOD, click here.

Architects – BKK Architects

Client – Cubik

Builder – Aspekt Construction Group

Structural – Kersulting

Landscape – John Patrick Landscape

Services – NJM Consulting

Building Surveyor – Group II

Photographers – Peter Bennetts (external) & Shannon McGrath (internal)

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