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Project / Completed 2020

GoodWood Dowels in the Hunter House Cafe

/ By Fender Katsalidis
Clear coating

The Space

Battens fluid like ocean waves, Hunter House café is the ultimate show of creativity and craftsmanship in the heart of Sydney.


“The design from Fender Katsilidis incorporated a spectacular parametric ceiling design using hanging timber dowels. The pattern of the dowels creates a unique wave shape which was pre-modelled by the architectural team to allow for accurate production”

Parametric design is when mathematics and design are coupled, and together, define the relationship between design intent and response. The Hunter House café is an example of how parametric design can help form a unique space using efficient systems.

Designed by Fender Katsalidis, Hunter House café is a bold statement in central Sydney. Fender Katsalidis was founded on the philosophy of innovation through collaboration – ‘we seek and deliver holistic solutions in architecture, masterplanning, urban design and interiors—solutions notable not only for their design quality, but also their civic contribution and economic mindfulness’.

Hanging Victorian ash dowels are the pièce de résistance. Created using a grid system, Sculptform ‘simplified the complex’ by doing most of the work in house before sending the final components to site. To compliment the timber, lime-washed bricks, brass and terracotta accents created a refreshing yet warm atmosphere for patrons.

Made using GoodWood Victorian ash, the 42mm dowels were manufactured by Porta Mouldings. Our brand ‘GoodWood’ represents a quality Victorian ash timber unlike any other. It represents the processes that goes into each piece of timber, like the quarter sawn slabs for increased stability, the hand picked site for optimal air drying and the ultrasound scanner to search for internal defects. The result is a stable, straight, quality graded hardwood. Find out more about GoodWood here.


“GoodWood Victorian ash was our choice partly because Sculptform [the batten system specialists] advised that the timber is less likely to bow/bend/warp for longer dowels (longest approx. 3.3.m long) making it the perfect option”

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