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Project / Completed 2020

Thornbury Townhouses by Fowler and Ward

/ By Fowler and Ward
Cutek CD50

The Space

Suburbia isn't like it used to be and these Thornbury townhouses are a quintessential example of the new and improved 'city living'.


“The project balances design needs to build two long-term, high-quality homes on a limited budget. This was achieved in a number of ways. Spatial planning was carefully considered to reduce the building footprint… Low maintenance, commonplace, and robust materials were chosen for their longevity and cost effectiveness.”

Affordability, suburbian density and scale are all inherent considerations in today’s built environment. Creativity and increased thought into materiality is what constructs the modern architecture we see in the 21st century. The Thornbury townhouses embodies both – tackling architecture and sensibility, responding to the urban density in a clever way.

Designed by Fowler and Ward and built by ProvanBuilt, the brief was to create separate contemporary homes for a young family and their parents. Fowler and Ward is a young Melbourne based Architecture practice that values socially-driven design outcomes. Their project repertoire includes multi-residential spaces throughout Melbourne.

Similar by layout, but different by taste, the two townhouses share commonalities like general design and structure. Each townhouse was then somewhat adapted to meet the individual clients specific needs.

The character of the exterior emulated the neighbourhood streetscape to ensure the townhouses were a seamless addition to the suburb. Inside, the homes embrace natural light with a double void and low-maintenance materials like brick, timber and polished concrete. The neutral palette comprises of a textured masonary base, blonde Victorian ash windows and doors, terrazzo elements and a hint of colourful joinery.

GoodWood Victorian ash is a typical choice for timber windows because it is hard-wearing, consistently blonde and visually stunning. GoodWood windows and doors are made from a natural material which means they are renewable, sustainable and will assist in reducing green house emissions when swapped with high embodied energy materials. Find out more about GoodWood windows here.



“We chose Victorian Ash [windows and doors] for its blonde colour tone and the natural warmth that it brings to the neutral interior”

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