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GoodWood Flooring & Windows at Shoreham House

/ By Claire Scorpo Architects
Claire Scorpo Architects

This rustic guesthouse boasts comfortability and warmth. What once was a machinery shed is now occupied by visiting guests that are architecturally connected to the rest of the property.

Claire Scorpo Architects are leaders in design with a strong emphasis on simplicity, efficiency and the ability to link spaces with those occupying them. Their philosophy states ‘We are a collaborative studio that designs buildings which not only accommodates occupants, but enhances their lives’.

The three sleeping nooks are all linked by the GoodWood Victorian ash solid flooring, which connect cleverly with the original dark beams and light plywood panels. Claire from Claire Scorpo Architects describes ‚each of these internal spaces open to one corner to allow long views whilst sitting within; intimate and connected simultaneously‚.

The new double glazed windows are made with Victorian ash, cohesively wrapping around the space to emphasize the northern views. This leads on to the deep porch, elongating the building even more.

‘Vic ash sits beautifully with the simple material palette in our work. We love the golden tones, and even the grain that runs through the timber, giving depth and warmth to our spaces. Being a sustainably sourced local material is also a big factor for us, with Vic ash being the specified timber for many of our projects’ as explained by Claire.

To view the GoodWood range, head to this webpage here or to order a sample click here.

Architect – Claire Scorpo Architects

Photographer – Tom Ross

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