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GoodWood Vic ash Lining echoes nature in Banksia Apartments

/ By McBride Charles Ryan, Aspect Studios & Stutterheim Anderson Landscape Architecture
Dianna Snape & Tim Lee
McBride Charles Ryan, Aspect Studios & Stutterheim Anderson Landscape Architecture

The Space

Built in harmony with the park along side it, Banksia Docklands encapsulates amazing design, celebrates Australian materials and echoes its natural setting.


“the distinct facade was developed to recall the Banksia pod, the biomimicry linking the building metaphorically to the park in which it sits”

Banksia New Quay is a recent development in Docklands that has made a statement in design and added diversity to the waterfront. It was important to the entire team that the natural setting is echoed throughout the space, emphasised in the apartments, foyers and rooftop.

This integral apartment building was designed by one of Melbourne’s highly regarded firm’s – McBride Charles Ryan (MCR). Established in 1988, ‘MCR has one passion – providing exceptional design for our clients’. This multi-million dollar project was no feat for the MCR team, having worked on projects of up to $1B in the past. The entire project entailed a collaboration with Aspect Studios and Stutterheim Anderson Landscape Architecture.

Featuring Australian timbers not only adds an element of nature, but imparts warmth and comfort to these inner-city apartments. Supplied by Bowens, GoodWood Victorian ash lining is featured throughout the building. MCR added “the use of Vic ash was to metaphorically commemorate the native character of the indigenous landscape as well as contribute to the process of long term carbon sequestration of the atmosphere”.

A well managed timber source, like GoodWood Victorian ash, is arguably the most environmentally friendly building product available. How does GoodWood contribute to Banksia’s long term carbon sequestration? Find out here.


“Banksia is distinctly Australian, its design recalls the past landscape and dwellers of this area. The high-end interior of Banksia arrays across the penthouse, sky-homes and classic apartment iterations that are designed utilising indigenous timbers, such as Victorian ash and Spotted gum”

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