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GoodWood Stairs Connect Work and Play

/ By Krisna Cheung Architects
Nic Granleese
Krisna Cheung Architects
Selborne Construction

Combine an experienced architect with the need for family time and you’ll get a project that turns the idea of a home office on its head. Instead of designing clear, separated spaces for both the home and office, this North Melbourne home encourages a blurred line of career and home life to balance the seriousness of work with the playfulness of children.

Krisna Cheung Architects is a Melbourne based venture between husband and wife power duo, Ray Cheung and Elisabet Krisna. Ray describes his practice as “a firm based on our own life, as a family of four, living and growing together in a healthy, comfortable and beautiful home”. Ray and Elisabet get their inspiration from the simplest of things such as nature, light and shade.

The Cubby Office was a personal project for Krisna Cheung Architects which included a transformation of their North Melbourne home. This unique house allows Ray and Elisabet to “monitor and connect with the kids during working hours. It is made possible by the perforated metal sheet which is used as the flooring on the upper level”. The semi-solid floor moderates the building’s temperature and acts as an element of surprise and playfulness for the ‘Cubby Office’.

The Cubby Office is a clever project that has been recognized for its unique design,having received a ‘Commendation’ and ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the 2017 Archi team Awards.

Connecting the two floors is a blonde Victorian ash staircase – complimented by exposed Victorian ash glulam beams. Victorian ash is a popular choice for staircases because they evoke warmth and beauty, are incredibly strong, straight and hard-wearing. Not only that,GOODWOOD Victorian ash stairs also have the ability to be stained any colour to match your desired decor.

ASH offers an entire range of staircase components in both our GOODWOOD and AlpineOak brands.

Architect – Krisna Cheung Architects

Builder – Selborne Construction

Landscape Designer – Amanda Oliver

Photographer – Nic Granleese

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