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Project / Completed 2019

GoodWood Windows in Davison St collaboration

/ By Archier in collaboration with HIP. V HYPE

The Space

The inner city townhouses that celebrate a new generation of collaboration.


“The Davison Collaborative represents how we can use what we have more efficiently and add positively to the character of our suburbs for future generations”

Davison St townhouses are the beautiful result of the Davison Collaborative by HIP V HYPE. The project brought together multi-disciplinary experts to develop more financially accessible townhouses that incorporate quality sustainable materials. The talented list of collaborators include Archier, Binq Windows, Sonnen, Stiebel Eltron and SBLA.

The townhouses embody modern livability through their double storey design ensuring separation between public and private spaces. The Davison St collaborative was targeted to be net carbon positive with a minimum environmental rating of 8 stars and fossil fuel free 100% electric green power.

The future of the built environment requires more consideration into sustainable materials, passive design and creativity when it comes to small blocks – the Davison St team did all three. The group of collaborators transformed one suburban dwelling into three sustainable homes using brick detailing, timber and stainless steel.

Binq Tilt and Turn windows are seen throughout each of the 3 townhouses. The Archetto Tilt and Turn windows are made from ASH’s very own GoodWood Victorian ash. Binq have been using GoodWood for years due to its fantastic thermal performance and positive sustainability factors. Learn more about GoodWood windows and doors here.


“It’s simplistic, Australian hardwood [GoodWood Victorian ash] profiles are elegant which is driven by our company’s values of aesthetics and a locally sourced supply chain from ASH”

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