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Handcrafted Victorian ash Lob Up Stool

/ By Timber Dimensions
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Timber Dimensions

Support your local’ is what comes to mind when looking at this project because Timber Dimensions is one local we love to support! Bevan Blackshaw, owner of Timber Dimensions is well known for his impeccable craftsmanship when designing and building unique furniture and homewares in Brisbane.

The Lob Up stool is a great display of hardwood timber design. Bevan notes “The Lob Up is a unique and versatile folding stool or side table. Available in two heights, 450mm and 615mm, this stool is a great addition to your kitchen or living area!”

“Victorian Ash was my number one choice for the Lob Up stool for a number for reasons – I love the stability of Victorian Ash, due to the fact that the material is quarter sawn. The beautiful blonde colour makes a great base for staining my products and most importantly,using a sustainable material is crucial to my business as well as my customers” explained Bevan.

In past years, many furniture makers have found it difficult to find quality Victorian Ash until GoodWood came onto the market. What is GoodWood? It represents our promise to supply environmentally sustainable and socially responsible timber, high in quality, straight and stable. It is available in large volumes every month (not just from time to time) and in a vast and valuable size and length range. For more information about GoodWood Victorian Ash, visit the webpage here.

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