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Hardwood Features in Gondola Gondola

/ By Sans-Arc
Brojed Construction, Peculiar Familia

Who were the masterminds behind the artistic Gondola Gondola restaurant? Sans-arc, of course!

‘Sans-arc’ means ‘without architecture’ and is what inspired their notion that the best spaces to occupy are often ones that show evidence of human occupation, speak of their function and are not starkly ‘architectural’.

Located at No.1 Peel Street, sits the atmospheric Gondola Gondola, another incredible Sans-arc design. These architects have inspired many with their work philosophy; ‘Sans-arc believes architecture and design should be about the humans using the area, and their experiences within it’.

The thought that went into the creation of Gondola Gondola is mammoth in that it invokes exactly what they set out to do – incorporating the bustling streets and dining halls of Asia in what is now a popular restaurant on Peel Street, Adelaide.

The use of timber flows throughout the space, evident in the joinery and furniture. Timber, such a Victorian Ash was chosen because “it was an affordable sustainable option that suited the aesthetic goals of the project”, Matiya from Sans-Arc described.

Hardwood is such a versatile material – both stable and beautiful, it can be used as furniture or a show stopper piece. If you’re after a sustainable material that is aesthetically pleasing, check out our range of hardwood products today.

Built by Brojed Construction

Interior Design by Sans-Arc

Studio Signage & Graphics by Peculiar Familia

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