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Victorian ash in The Butler

/ By Luchetti Krelle
Luchetti Krelle

A colonial oasis is what sits amongst the streets of Potts Point.

Luchetti Krelle have created a botanical masterpiece at The Butler restaurant.

The architects created a space to compliment the stunning view which overlooks the city and Woolloomooloo. They’ve artfully incorporated GoodWood Victorian ash in the balustrade and furniture which is complimented by the use of brass throughout the restaurant.

Stuart Krelle mentioned the reason for using Victorian Ash is because “it’s beautiful natural tones were complementary with the colour scheme. We also found that the timber is versatile in that it holds stains really well.”

Luchetti Krelle have dazzled us with their unique palate consisting of timber, custom exotic wall paper and concrete. A combination that is both refreshing and exciting to see.

The team behind this botanical project explains that”the rustic sawn timber wall paneling and use of mirror in the mezzanine allow city glimpses that are amplified … Flooding the space with light, white stepped ceiling draw the eye towards the balcony and exterior.”

It’s no doubt that they’ve created a magnificent retreat in a commercial jungle for Sydney-goers to bask in.

For details on how you can use GoodWood Victorian ash like Luchetti Krelle did, visit our Victorian ash webpage today.

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