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Project / Completed 2019

Iron Ash Cladding encases the Upland Farm

/ By Nikki Ross
Nikki Ross

The Space

This new build is the epitome of farmhouse beauty.


“Upland Farm is a haven for the charm and simplicity of farm life but with all the luxuries of the guest house”

In the beautiful surroundings of Denmark, Western Australia is this charming cottage complete with the cosy comforts you’d expect on a weekend getaway.

Nestled on 107 acres of a working cattle farm, the Upland house was designed to represent the abundance of nature on the land. Husband and wife team Tyrone and Shelley Kennedy lead the project which incorporates her vision of minimalistic luxury.

Tyrone and his engineering and construction company, Alcove Construction, Upland Farm champions quality craftsmanship and quality products. The space incorporates timber with monochrome accents to create a calming ambiance.

IRON ASH cladding is as versatile as they come. Clients can choose to leave it to grey off beautifully or stain it to a desired colour. What’s more, it is the perfect sustainable option because it is made from certified Australian regrowth, is manufactured locally and has low embodied energy throughout its life.


“Overtime, the IRON ASH cladding will grey off and blend even more so into the surroundings of the farm”

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