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IronAsh – The hero of Wembley Golf Course

/ By Gresley Abas Architects
Firm Construction
Gresley Abas Architects

This BIG project deserves a BIG applause! What is it we are referring to? None other than the beautiful and exclusive Wembley Golf Course.

The project is nestled on top of the hill, overlooking the native bushland fringed golf course which links to the north. This spoke wonders to the innovative design that now stands amongst it. Sleek lines of walnut coated IronAsh timber welcomes patrons as they enter the space. Continuing the flow of hardwood, the restaurant is dressed with panels from the roof down to the walls – perfectly harmonising with the teal accents throughout the space.

Gresley Abas Architects are to thank for this work of art. Founded in 2004, Gresley Abas Architects quickly established a reputation for a commitment to design excellence and sustainable principles. After a major selection process by the Town of Cambridge, Gresley Abas Architects were a sure choice with their inspirational timber-clad design.

Their desire to create a simple, elegant, timber clad architectural form for the site was driven by the fact “that it did not compete with the cacophony existing structures, use of natural material with the remarkable natural setting and to use a material that spoke directly to the golf term for a type of club, wood¨ a cunning pun that is both appropriate and endearing.

During the design process, Gresley Abas Architects worked closely with ASH’s Western Australian partner Austim to find the perfect timber cladding. Faced with some challenging conditions, like a requirement to withstand coastal conditions, hardy timber for the western side of the building, a viable maintenance regime and sustainability requirements – they inevitably came to the selection of IronAsh.

Wesley Abas Architects explained the reason for this selection “… it’s quarter sawn, so it is more tangentially stable and performs better over the long term, it is available in longer lengths meaning less visible joints and construction time, it stains very well which allow the walnut colour to easily be factory applied and the availability of IRON ASH met our construction lead times‚.

Alan Parker, Architectural Manager at Austim stated “IronAsh was the obvious choice of timber… the main reason we chose it was that it gave us options when matching the external and internal timbers in various dimensions and profiles. Being H3 treated, very uniform in colour and available in long finger jointed lengths, the product met all facets of the design and construction criteria. We applied our very own Elements Walnut Protector oil which helped achieve the desired colour for the project”.

The combination of Gresley Abas Archiects and Austim was a match made in heaven and resulted in a spectacular architectural space.

To hero the amazing IRON ASH in your next project, just as Wembley Golf Course have, order a sample or visit our IronAsh webpage.

Architect – Gresley Abas Architects

Supplier – Austim

Builder – Firm Construction

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