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Project / Completed 2022

MASSLAM features in the Eliston Family and Community Centre

/ By The 2A Architectural Studio
The 2A Architectural Studio

The Space

Featuring local materials, the Eliston Family and Community Centre integrates community support services with contemporary design.

Victorian school building authority

“We supported City of Casey to build The Eliston Family & Community Centre which provides early education, maternal, child health and family services, supported playgroups, occasional care, community meeting spaces and counselling”

Located in the City of Casey, the Eliston Family and Community Centre is a space designed to provide residents with better health facilities, educational support and family services. Funded by the 2019-2020 Children’s Facilities Capital Program, the centre is part of a $2m initiative aimed at offering residents opportunities to connect, belong, learn and play. With individuals looking for local connection and resources now more than ever, the centre delivers a variety of programs, activities and events including early education, health and family services, playgroups, meeting spaces and counselling.

Fundamental to the design of a community centre is creating a building aimed at maximising the potential for community engagement. The Eliston Family and Community Centre does just that through a cohesive flow between spaces, offering a nurturing and stimulating atmosphere that encourages interactivity.

The centre provides services to a variety of individuals from different generational and cultural backgrounds, therefore creating a welcoming space is at the forefront of the build. Commonly used as a link between diverse groups of individuals is a nature focused design, which is seen through the continuous experience of air, light and landscape as well as the palette of local timbers.

The entrance, foyer and outdoor undercover areas of the build feature unique geometric timber designs made using MASSLAM45 300 x 140, 250 x 150, 390 x 190 and 230 x 240 columns and beams. MASSLAM is our range of glue-laminated column, beams, floor and roof systems available in a variety of attractive Australian hardwoods and softwoods. Utilising mass timber offers major benefits to construction as it is cheaper than concrete and steel, faster to build with, safer due to prefabrication, more accurate, lighter in weight and fire resistant. Learn more about our MASSLAM range here.



Australian Sustainable Hardwoods

“One of the main advantages of using MASSLAM for the Eliston Family and Community Centre is the pre-fabricated nature of the elements. The team used BIM modelling to coordinate with the steelworks for an easy and cost-effective site installation”

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