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Park Lane Celebrates Victorian ash

/ By Kennedy Nolan Architects
Kennedy Nolan Architects
Derek Swalwell

Kennedy Nolan Architects are known for their modernism approach to design and architecture. A project that represents their take on urban design is the sensational Park Lane.

Established in 1999, one of Kennedy Nolan’s principles is ‘to draw on the reaches of memory, the evocative power of recognizing form, colour, texture and light, the resonance of shared memories, of history and landscapes’.

The Park Lane house incorporates “re-programming the entry to help separate pubic and private zones, modulating light, volume and aspect to provide multiple experiences… designing for the entire site to add richness and utility to the garden and other outdoor spaces” as noted by Kennedy Nolan.

Victorian ash was the coherent choice for this contemporary space. Using Vic ash to line the ceilings, walls and joinery throughout the house. Adriana from Kennedy Nolan explains “Materials are chosen for texture and durability to support the formal expression”.

Hardwood timber, particularly GoodWood Victorian ash is the preferred material for many internal fit outs, due to its consistent straightness, stability and versatility. Find out more about GoodWood by clicking here.

Architect – Kennedy Nolan

Photography – Derek Swalwell


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