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/ By PLY Architecture
Art Department Creative
PLY Architecture
Liink Group

The brief: to create a space with a small footprint, ecologically sensitive design, exhibiting raw, natural materials and honest functionality. Using their undeniable talent, PLY Architecture designed a space to match just that.

The Upper Sturt project features GoodWood Victorian ash as the truss timber. Director of PLY, Chris Jeffrey explained ‚A major feature of the design is the clerestory roof, specially created to introduce volume, treetop views, ventilation and northern light deep into the linear floor plate‚.

GoodWood Victorian ash was the sure choice of timber due to its structural strength, straightness and uniform grain, complimenting the materials throughout the remainder of the design. Chris adds “To support the roof plane, a series of feature timber trusses with exposed galvanised steel fixing plates was fitted between the high level strip windows”.

PLY chose to use 240×45 top and end chords which were partially buried into the wall and roof structure, whilst the remainder use 140×45 solid GoodWood Victorian ash. “The timber was finished with Intergrain NaturalStain water based coating to enhance the natural warmth and grain of Victorian Ash” as explained by Chris Jeffrey.

This project portrays a spacious home, cleverly warmed by the timber trusses, the crisp white walls and natural light projected through various windows. Hats off to the creative minds at PLY Architecture!

Request a sample HERE or visit the GoodWood webpage HERE.

Architect – PLY Architecture

Builder – Liink Group

Photographer – Art Department Creative

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