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Round GoodWood battens in Hanna’s Cafe by Kosloff Architecture

/ By Kosloff Architecture

The Space

Hanna’s Cafe is its very own timber sanctuary in one of Melbourne’s bustling airport car parks. Building on what was a lifeless space, Hanna’s adds a hint of energy and culture for travelers to savour before their flight.


“Lush materiality and a warm glowing interior form counterpoint to the gritty, multi-story car park”

Designed by the talented team at Kosloff Architecture, Hanna’s Cafe evokes a sense of calmness and warmth. ‘Kosloff Architecture challenge existing ideas regarding ownership, succession planning, career trajectories and modes of working… We see this as fundamental to the production of good architecture, forming the basis for innovation, risk taking and the continual pursuit of excellence’.

As we see time and time again, GoodWood Victorian ash and Sculptform batten systems are a winning combination. The flexibility of the click-on system married with the stability and appearance of GOODWOOD Victorian ash makes the combination an easy option for architects and designers.

The profile used is a 42x32mm GoodWood Victorian ash dome with a custom polyurethane tint, installed using a curved mounting track.

To find find out more, visit the GoodWood webpage.

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