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Stained Victorian ash by Jackson Teece

/ By Jackson Teece
Resene Woodsman 'Riverstone'
Sharrin Reese Photography

If it doesn’t work the first time… try and try again. A relatable motto for the owners of the Annandale Residence, who, after an unsuccessful first attempt, has had a masterpiece created for them in their second.

With new architects Jackson Teece on board for the second renovation, the owners were able to construct their ideal home. Jackson Teece Architects was established in 1971 and has the philosophy that ‘combines experience with cutting-edge expertise to respond thoughtfully to the challenges posed by the urban landscape’. What makes this firm stand out from many others is their commitment to environmentally sustainable outcomes for all projects.

With areas reminiscent of a modern Palm Springs home, the Annandale Residence is a clear representation of clean lines and smart design. What makes this project unique is its use of charcoal grey and black which gives those brighter colours extra life.

Located at the front of the home is a central drum, clad with Victorian ash lining in Resene Woodsman ‘Riverstone’ stain. Not only does the vertical lining cover the exterior of the drum, but it also greets you on the walls of the powder room, drawing you around to the kitchen and is even featured in the upstairs living area.

GoodWood Victorian ash is the perfect choice for lining as it is light in colour and quarter sawn to ensure it has a consistent grain and is easy to stain. For more information about Victorian ash, click here.

Architects – Jackson Teece

Stain – Resene Woodsman

Builder – Lars Fischer Construction

Landscape – Spirit Level Designs

Photography – Sharrin Reese Photography

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