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Project / Completed 2020

Sustainable prefabrication by Trias Studio featuring GoodWood

/ By Trias Studios

The Space

With the potential to be a rural hideaway, suburban studio or backyard retreat, Minima is an innovative modular home that prides itself on sustainable materiality.

Trias Studio

“Minima is at the forefront of proposing a more sustainable mode of living within its small footprint design. The compact nature of Minima supports low impact living in a variety of settings [with] the dual benefit of being environmentally friendly and economically sound.”

Simple, elegant and functional, Minima encapsulates compact living. The carefully designed ‘tiny house’ centres on a flexible lifestyle with the ability to be configured as an apartment, studio or home office. Within the 20m2 space, the original Minima can be used as a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room, fitted with plenty of storage, cupboards, drawers and shelving.

Designed by Trias Studio, this cleverly crafted home showcases the ability to create low impact spaces through the use of multifunctional designs and sustainable building materials – like timber. With affordability in mind, this home is made from a collection of high quality, yet economical materials. Minima is part of a broader vision for Trias Studio “to offer architecturally-designed homes to more people”.

Minima was executed by FABPREFAB who are at the forefront of modular living. The structure is made from cross-laminated timber (CLT) paired with a variety of timber finishes to line the home – chosen specifically for their renewability and environmental benefits.

The impressive design includes our GoodWood Victorian ash veneer for a warm, welcoming finish. Choosing our GoodWood veneer means that you are receiving a high quality Victorian ash in an application that allows for greater design versatility without compromising on a natural timber appearance. To top it all off our veneers can be matched with all our GoodWood applications for a continuous flow of design. Learn more about our GoodWood veneers here.

Minima received a Commendation in the Sustainability category for the 2021 NSW AIA Architecture Awards.

Trias Studio

“The natural [GoodWood Victorian ash] timber finish that lines each Minima creates a warm, welcoming and healthy environment for a range of uses.”

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