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Project / Completed 2017

Understated IronAsh in the Kew Residence

/ By Isabel Legge Architects & Peter Crone Architects
Jack Lovel
Isabel Legge Architects & Peter Crone Architects
Warrington Homes

The Space

IRON ASH is as versatile as it is durable. How do we know? It’s proven in projects like this Kew Residence by Isabel Legge Architects.


“High ceilings and big picture windows create a feeling of openness. Large sliding doors open the dining area out into the backyard, bringing the outside in”

Think 1900’s cottage on a site less than 125 sqm, that was transformed into a family home with 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas and a spacious kitchen/dining area.

In conjunction with Peter Crone Architects, Isabel Legge was the brains behind this inspired design. Isabel Legge Architects is a Melbourne based studio that finds collaboration most important when delivering a project. Isabel explains “I take pride in working alongside my clients to create thoughtful, functional spaces that are site specific, program specific and respond to each unique client’s personal desires”. Completed in November of 2017, the Kew Residence was an alteration and addition that required an extension to the family home whilst maintaining a reasonably sized backyard.

IRON ASH was chosen for the exterior due to its versatility and robustness.

So what exactly is IRON ASH? It is the combination of water based additives deep into the core of GOODWOOD Victorian ash. Get the look, quality and durability of Victorian ash, but suitable for exterior use so you can easily match it to the interior or stain to suit your design.

Like the look? Replicate it by using Cutek Black Ash oil like they have done here, or CLICK HERE to take a look at what IRON ASH profiles are available.


“when researching materials for the alteration and addition of our Kew Residence, we were looking for a timber cladding that is both locally sourced and easy to stain. The IRON ASH cladding and battens were ideal for this selection because they are from Victoria and the consistent grain and even tone means they can be stained any colour while maintaining their desirable timber aesthetic””

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