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Project / Completed 2022

Kibbin Design Studio’s White and Timber House clad in IronAsh

/ By Kibbin Design Studio
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The Space

The seaside paradise with the perfect balance of IronAsh cladding, textured white bricks and matte black features.

Kibbin Design Studio

“Inspired by the sea side location, the repeating sail like roof is evident from all angles. The material pallet of textured brickwork, shiplap timber and sheet roofing, increases the dynamic play of light and shadow which falls over the house each day”

A seaside paradise is how best to describe this beautiful home along 7 Mile Beach in NSW. With sweeping views of the iconic South Coast, the property features a segmented floor plan set around an internal courtyard which welcomes sunlight into the home.

Dubbed the ‘White & Timber House’, Kibbin Design Studio designed the roof line to represent sails from every angle. True to their philosophy, Kibbin Design Studio ‘consider forms and materials that are appropriate for the given location’ and partnered with Lime Building Group who construct homes that celebrate the beauty of the natural landscape, the finished build was guaranteed to be spectacular.

At street level, you are greeted with an impressive display of IronAsh cladding, used for the integrated garage door and upper sail-like roof forms. Paired with robust materials like concrete, white textured brick, and black matte windows, the home is built for the ocean front. This textural materiality compliments the beautiful location and expresses the unique facade lines by enhancing the contrast between light and shadow.

“We chose to incorporate the IronAsh cladding as a lightweight, sustainable cladding choice… Vic ash is continued externally in the courtyard privacy screen and carried through to the interior with the stair detail. The open riser stair and void area runs adjacent to the courtyard acting as a light-well and intern provides natural heating and cooling for the entire home” – Kibbin Design Studio

IronAsh cladding can easily match other GoodWood Victorian ash and Tasmanian Oak applications like staircase components, along with joinery, furniture, windows and doors, veneers, lining and flooring. Also available is the alternative IronOak, H3 treated American Oak by ASH – giving you a different blonde option for a continuous flow of timber. Learn more about IronOak here.

Kibbin Design Studio

“We chose to incorporate the IronAsh cladding as a lightweight, sustainable cladding choice to soften and contrast with the concrete and brick structure and as a natural material that could withstand the harsh onshore weather that batters the site from the south”

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