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F17 bearers and joists

TP Building & Renovations P/L

TP Building & Renovations P/L was commissioned to construct a small extension to a two tier architectural design in the Dandenong Mountains. The build was identified as a medium level fire risk and BAL19 timber was required which reduced the scope as the build had a tight budget.

The builder, Tony from TP Building, specified SUPA17 Victorian ash because he needed”a superior product that not only achieved the BAL 19, but went beyond the stability and durability requirements of the build as well.” SUPA17 spans even further than many LVL or engineered alternatives which helps reduce end section sizes, weight and cost. Although they cant be see in these images, Tony has also requested IronAsh bearers and Joists for the deck to perform in exposed areas and he’s very happy.”A very straight product indeed, it even saved my company money, how good is that” he says.

To learn about SUPA17 or spans, refer to the structural timber page.

To learn about bearers and joists for sub decking in exposed areas, refer to the IronAsh page.

To contact TP Building and Renovations to extend your home too, contact Tony at

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